Export Ecommerce Logistics Solutions

Below chart is the general summary on how most of the companies export their merchandise under below scenario for exporting from China to the world. 

General Logistic Chat for the China Export Ecommerce Logistics Solutions
General Delivery Ecommerce Logistics Delivery Solution

There will be 3 most popular Logistic Solution for the business exporting from China
  • Amazon FBA Models
  • Overseas Warehouse Models
  • Direct Ship Models
  • Amazon FBA Models
  • This method is for Amazon sellers how to ship their merchandise directly to Amazon FBA warehouse.

    FBA Preparation for China Amazon Seller General Procedure - Low Season

  • Overseas Warehouse Models
  •  This model is for sellers has a warehouse at the destination point.

    Overseas Warehouse Models

    Direct Ship Models

    This method is for sellers ship their product directly from their countries to the customers.

    Direct Ship Models

    What are the differences and advantages between FBA, Overseas Warehouse & Direct Ship Solutions?

    The world is not perfect and it's like every coin has two sides.  There's won't be an export method can tailor fit to all business needs. However for the below comparison table will help you to know what is the best model for you to being success in the export business.

    FBA Models Oversea Warehouse Direct Ship
    Operation Freight + Clearance Freight + Clearance + Warehouse + Last Mile Delivery Freight + Clearance + Delivery
    Delivery Time to your customers Around  2 Days Around 2 - 7 Days (Depending what kind of service type your warehouse can offer) Around 8-12 Days

    Amazon Storage Cost

    Amazon Fulfillment Cost

    Sell at Amazon channel Only

    Storage Cost

    Fulfillment Cost

    Local Delivery Service

    Customer Service

    Returns Managements

    Shipping Cost

    Benefit from Amazon Prime Business. 

    Focus only on Business with Amazon

    Stable Inventory storage during Hot Season

    Inventory Back Up

    Flexible to dispatching Orders

    Goods are manageable, low expense

    During Hot Season, it's hard for you to arrange carrier to ship item to the Amazon FBA

    Can not control on Amazon customer's shipping service or return inquiries

    High Expense Long Delivery Time



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