Import China Direct Mail Solutions

Direct import solution is getting popular along the communities especially for the major cities areas across Vancouver, Canada, Seattle.  Most of small business are buying the products for resell back at the Chinese major online marketplace such as or

China Import Direct Mail Model

Import Tax and Regulations

Parcel TAX

At Present, the China import parcel tax rate is set to 3 scales :  15%, 30% and 60%, levy on the cargo value.

  • Tax exemption for when tax amount under 50 RMB.


Import Parcel Tax:

  • 15%
    • Tax rate applies to printed matter, educational materail, films (restricted), audio/video tapes, computers education-specific film, original audio tape, video tape, computers and household appliances,gold,silver ,foodstuff,beverage, furniture,toys,games,holiday and entertainment items.
  • 30%
    • Tax rate applies to sports equipment(excluding golf),textiles and clothing,television recorders and similar such devices,bicycles, and other items not listed under the 15% and 60% scales.
  • 60%
    • Tax rate applies to cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, golf equipment, luxury watches,jewelry and perfumes.


  • Direct mail model only applies to Hong Kong warehouse and overseas warehouses.
  • Sales transaction: maximum of RMB2,000 per single cross-border transaction and a maximum of RMB20,000 per person per year. Goods that exceed these limits will be levied the full tax at general trade tariff.




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