Connecting the World

The key of elements in success in Ecommerce, it will require strong support in logistics. Amazon company is the best case studies in bringing up for them as nowaday ecommerce giants because they built a mature Amazon Fulfillment network in helping their Amazon In-house products as well as 3rd party Amazon seller to take advantage with Amazon logistic and supply chain fulfillment to get the product delvier to the customer's hand simply by mouse client or smartphone purchase.

We helped companies in the world to move their products to North America, China and South East Asia market with our strong support in logistics, warehouse storage, Fulfillment as well as last mile delivery world wide.

Eastern world <=======> Western world

  • China/South East Asia <—> Amazon FBA

  • China/South East Asia <—> Global Warehouse Chained Distribution <—> FBA

  • China/South East Asia Direct Fulfillment <—> Global Warehouse Chained Distribution <—> Client

  • China/South East Asia Direct Fulfillment <—> Client

Western world <=======> Eastern world (China/South East Asia)

  • Import Regulation

  • Custom & Inspection

  • Warehouse Fulfillment

  • China Distribution (B2B, B2C)

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