DC Comics Batman USB Flash Drive Figure

DC Comics Justice League and Super Villain USB Flash Drive Figure

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  • Official Licensing DC Comics USB Flash Drive Memory Stick. Award winning design makes the right impression with its distinct licensing design. Makes it a great gift idea.
  • Pendrive compact design with cap saver for ultra portability. Interface Specification Compliance - USB 2.0. Practical - cap protects the USB plug. Tribe USB Sticks are the ultimate in portable data storage.
  • Transfer and share photos, videos, songs and other files between computers with ease. Take all of your data to your home, office, school and anywhere you travel. External Devices & Data Storage are one of the core components of any computing device.
  • USB gadget, store more with a capacity of 8 GB, support Apple Macbook iOS, Windows PC and Linux operating systems etc.
  • Guaranteed USB novelty backed by a 2-year limited warranty and free technical support. Keep your digital world in your pocket in our smallest package.

Product Description

Tribe has created this special edition Superman in both 8GB and 16GB to celebrate the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unlike the classic comic book version, this modern Superman is dressed in the same outfit as in the film and is immediately recognizable as the movie character. If you love movies, you’ve got to have him!

Wonder Woman
Originally Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons from Greek mythology, Wonder Woman is the most iconic heroine of all time. With her Lasso of Truth, a pair of bulletproof bracelets, and a wide range of combat skills, Wonder Woman fights for peace, justice, and gender equality.

Why so serious?” The shock of green hair, the crazed smile, the maniacal laugh: Gotham’s most famous villain and Batman’s archenemy would be recognizable anywhere! Having developed a warped, sadistic sense of humor out of his tragic upbringing, the Joker lives for creating chaos.

Possessing super speed and seeming to violate the laws of physics, young Barry Allen received super-speedy powers when he was hit by a lightning bolt. Now the Flash, he will race up buildings, across oceans, and around the world to catch his man.

Cat Woman
Is she a hero or is she a villain? Indeed, Catwoman (known by day as Selina Kyle) has lived many different lives on the rough streets of Gotham. Raised as an orphan and turning to a life of crime in order to survive, Catwoman is a high-class burglar, but also protects those closest to her.

DC Comics, home to some of the most famous superheroes ever created, has joined the Tribe! Whether you’re for the good guys (like Superman), the bad guys (like Joker), or the ones who are kind of in-between (Catwoman, anyone?), Tribe has got you covered with the DC Originals collection!

Tribe’s products are complying with the law EN71 about toys safety and obtained CE, ROSH and FCC certifications. All USB flash drives by Tribe are covered by a 2-year warranty. To benefit from the warranty, just contact Tribe by filling in the contact form. Tribe is a brand of Maikii srl, which has reinvented, USB flash drives, transforming them into assuming and charismatic characters which are unique in their particular style. This is a new and original disguise for USB storage devices, which have become collectors' items, which amuse people and showcase your own personality, while at the same time recording and protecting your data. All this is Tribe, a young and innovative brand that brings out the friendliness and the irony of your own favorite characters from everyday life.


Box Contains

1x USB Stick