Refund policy

To expedite the handling of your concern:

1. If this is a warranty replacement request, please make sure you have attached a picture of your damaged item and the order number. If you haven’t, please do so at this time.

2. If you received an incorrect item, please make sure you have attached a picture of the SKU on the back of the item packaged and your order number.

3. Return exchange/refund is 30 days from the day of delivery. If this is a return/exchange request, You can return the item to us at:
Panda Ocean Inc/
CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-7388
United States

Marketplace: Walmart
Order Number:
Your Name:
Phone Number:

Please make sure you include your order number and state return/exchange. Once the items are received, an exchange or refund will be issued. If the item was purchased by mistake, the customer is responsible for their own mailing label to ship the product back to our return centre.

4. If your email was a delivery status inquiry and you still have not received your item, please respond and let us know that.

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