4 Tips to identify your counterfeit or uncertified Lightning Cable

There are many friends every day at their vehicle, home or office needs to charge their iPhone often and buy an Apple cable.  However, there are many products that are known to be original or certified by Apple MFi. Consumers often do not have to knowledge how it runs behind the scense.  This is likely to cause damage to the iOS device or risk when charging. In fact, Apple's official website has published how to distinguish these Counterfeit goods know-how, together to see, for their own more to add a guarantee it!

Check Point 1: 7 Inches from the USB connector & Serial Number
There MUST have 7 Inches from the USB connector and you will see 12 digits serial numbers
China Lightning Cable Serial Number
Apple Official Cables Assembled in China
Brazil Lightning Cable Serial Number
Apple Official Cables Assembled in Brazil
Vietnam Lightning Cable Serial Number
Apple Official Cables Assembled in Vietname
Apple Licensed 3rth Party Cables
OPSO Cable Logo
A certified third-party Lightning to USB cable usually has company branding on the Lightning-connector end  as above

Check Point 2: Lookup on the Lightning Connectors and laser etchings

 Apple Certified Lightning Components Counterfeit Lightning Components

Certified lightning connector contacts

Single piece
Round, smooth contacts

Fake Lightning connector contact

Assembled parts
Uneven surface

Certified lightning connector boot Width and length of Apple boot is consistent (7.7 mm x 12 mm)
Fake Lightning Boot Varying width, length, or thickness

Certified lightning faceplate

Metallic faceplate insert

Fake Lightning faceplate

White or black faceplate insert

Check Point 3: USB Connectors
  Apple Certified USB Connectors Fake Certified USB Connectors

Apple USB Shell

Interlocks on USB shell are trapezoidal
Interlocks are equally spaced from edge

Fake Shell 0 USB shell interlocks have right angles
Interlocks are inconsistently spaced

Apple USB Gold Contacts

Gold Plate USB Contacts

Fake Contact 0 Fake Contact 1

Silver Plate USB Contacts

Apple USB Finish

Smooth USB surface
Flat USB shell

Fake USB Finish   Rough USB Surface
Surface of USB shell has a detent or cover divot
Apple USB Connector Surface of the insulator for the USB connection is uniform and flat Fake USB Connector Insulator for USB connection has notches or indents

Check Point 4: Search for Apple Licensed Accessories You can check at Apple website to identify your recent 3rd party accessory simply by Enter the purchased part on Apple's official website and check if the accessory name, Model, Accessory category, UPC / EAN code to identify counterfeit or Apple Official certified accessories.
OPSO MFi Licensed Product Status

Although Apple Official Lightning cables are easily to fail obviously with the lousy Apple product quality control doesn't do a good job but you can check out more with OPSO lightning cables.


This article all information referenced from Apple Official Websites

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