BPA-Free Circular Strainer Colander Drainer

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BPA-Free Food Strainer Colander Drainer

The colander performs basic functions of sauce / water drainer, and act as turner too when using in frying pan. It fully demonstrates Truefun’s idea of multi function kitchenware.

Designed for cooking non stick cookware with food grade nylon Odor Free, Dust Proof material and it’s easy to clean in your dishwasher.

Product Functions

1. Made With BPA Free Non Toxic Material

2. Easy Gripping Handle

3. Dishwasher safe

4. Safe for Non-stick cookware

Use Instructions

==> Clean with detergent before use

==> Do not use this product for other purposes

==> Do not place inside or on surface of heated pan

==> Do not place close to fire

==> Do not clean with wire brush

==> Keep away from flame.

==> Keep away from cleaning agent containing bleacher

==> Clean and wipe dry before storing


Dimensions (L x W x H):376mm x 125mm x 56mm

Weight:0.08 KG / 0.17 lbs

Material:Nylon + Fiber Glass

Heat Resistant:220C / 428F

  • Made by BPA Free Non Toxic Material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for Non-stick cookware
  • Heat Resistant 220 C / 428 F
  • Sizes 376mm x 125mm x 56mm