MacBook Pro 2016 Hard Shell Cover Case 13 Inch White Marble 0

MYCARRYINGCASE MacBook Pro 2016 Hard Shell Cover Case

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    Our flexible clip-on cover is is designed for superior protection and durability to combines your MacBook Pro 2016 with things you need to protect your computer away from scratches with a sleek hard shell design for superior protection to against scratches, dents, and bumps. 

    • Hardshell scratch protection for MacBook Pro 2016 with and without Touch Bar
    • Products come with different coating material on the Surface that can be in different color form-fitting design by our high precision mechanics molding to cover your investment.

    • Easy Installation by just Snap On your MacBook Pro 2016 Computer

    • Four rubberized supporting pad for anti-slip while on desk

    • Simple Installation by just snap on your Mac

    Reminder:  Please get us in contact if you are not sure about your computer model or you can have it check up at Apple website - Identifying your MacBook Pro 2016.