Stainless Steel Pancake Egg Mold

Stainless Steel Pancake Egg Mold

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Material Type:Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Egg Pancake Mold

Set of 4 for the Fry Egg Mold is made of stainless steel, which is safe and durable, and allows you to fry egg or pancake in a different shape and enhance appetite of your children.

The handle is specially designed for the ease of take the mold out from the frying pan; it can also be folded up to form a different appearance.

Cooking Tips - Tο Μake Perfectly Shaped Eggs

1. Turn on the heat and Place Flying Pan with Oil

2. Put the Egg Mold wait for 15-20 Seconds

3. Put Eggs in wait for 15-20 Seconds and Heat Down

Use Instructions

==> Clean with detergent before use

==> Stop using if the product is damaged or deformed

==> Do not in prolonged contact with acidic food or sauce; in case in contact with, clean thoroughly after use

==> Allow the product to cool before cleaning

==> Do not keep in Dish Sterilizer

==> Do not clean with wire brush or bleaching agents

==> Keep away from cleaning agent containing bleacher

==> Clean and wipe dry before storing


Mold Dimensions (L x W x H):

Bear: 105mm x 92mm x 32mm

Toast: 10.5mm x 9.2mm x 3.2mm

Heart: 10.7mm x 8.6mm x 2.3mm

Rabbit: 10.7mm x 8.6mm x 2.4mm


Mold: Stainless Steel

Handle: Nylon + Fiber Glass

Heat Resistant:140F / 60C

  • Easy to Use Cooking Tips: Get your oil good and hot, add the Egg Mold wait for 15-20 seconds before adding eggs or pancakes mixture. Then hold the rings down with tong, add eggs and turn the heat down 15-20 seconds after adding eggs. You can also use a lid so steam will act as a poacher from the top down. If you are cooking pancakes, don’t put too much mixture in
  • Start your day with a wonderful morning big breakfast with funny side of fun.
  • Comes with Set of Four (4sets) Egg or Pancake Ring Mold, Rabbit, Bear, Heart and Toast
  • Hand washable and Dishwasher Safe for you once finished the food cooking. You can just put this egg molder pancake maker washed by hand with little soap and water or you just pot it into your dishwasher for quick clean.
  • Creates perfectly shaped eggs and pancakes, perfect for egg sandwiches or your morning pancake breakfast.