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Pop It Fidget Toy Bubble Popper 0

 Help Focus and Concentrate in class 

Encourage Focus, concentrate on task and showing Better Academic Performance 

Study shows that fidget tools can improve attention-to-task for some students ,with ADHD characteristics.

Enhance Brain Development

Comes with Fast Popping Brain Games

HAVE FUN ANYWHERE ANYTIME with our Push Pop Bubble - Endless game that fill up your boredom or invite a friend or family for a fast brain game, only one game rule : Last one Lost. 

Rated by Vine Reviewers

DisneyDenizen - Amazon HAll of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

 I love these new bubble fidget toys. The first time I held one in my hands, I played around with it for a good half hour, pushing in the bubbles over and over. My daughter likes it, too. We have also found them to be an absolute godsend in our PreK ESE classroom.


 My kids just love these things, and I will admit that when we opened them I couldn't put them down either. They have such a satisfying POP when pushed in one direction, and a noiseless little mush when "resetting" them. I suppose that's the only way to make these things because other brands my kids have used do the same thing.


 Poppers recently became a thing that all the kids want. So we got these. You get four poppers which appear to be made out of silicone. They’re very much like the poppers you can get elsewhere, making a popping noise when pressed from the correct side. My kids have been playing with them all weekend.

Martha Vanegas

They are great to keep you busy and entertained whether it’s being used for fun and passing the time or if it’s needed for those who are anxious/stressed, have ADD or are on the spectrum. They work well for engaging the auditory and tactile senses. They’re light and compact so you can easily carry in your bag. For something so simple they work well to distract the mind and keep the hands busy. 


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